Tree Trimming & Stump Removal in Columbia Falls, MT

Big Mountain Tree Services proudly offers complete tree care and tree cutting services to property owners throughout Columbia Falls, Flathead County, Whitefish, Kalispell, and West Glacier, MT. Our foremost goal is to ensure the strong, healthy growth of your trees for generations to come. But we also understand when a tree becomes an inconvenience or dangerous, which is why our services also include safe tree removal. You can trust your trees to us, no matter the situation.

  • Tree trimming services
    Proper tree trimming is crucial for healthy growth. A well-trimmed tree not only looks great, it’s able to thrive with branches appropriately trimmed back and maintained. Call us for tree trimming in the early spring, so your trees flourish in peak season.
  • Tree thinning
    Thinning prevents overgrowth and overcrowding of branches. With proper crown thinning and tree branch removal, sunlight is able to reach all branches, ensuring the tree receives enough sunlight to growth healthily. Thinning trees also reduces their risk of lilting or sagging.
  • Tree pruning
    Pruning is great for stimulating growth in sparse areas of a tree. Call us to nip away dead or dying branches, to make room for new shoots to grow strong. Pruning is also an essential part of crown shaping and can help encourage strong growth patterns.
  • Tree removal services
    Need to remove a tree that’s too close to your home? Readying part of your property for a new development? Call us for quick and safe tree removal. We’ll fell your tree, chop it up and chipper it, removing all presence of it. We also take care of brush removal.
  • Stump grinding
    Leftover stumps are unsightly. Columbia Falls, MT call us for tree stump removal and stump grinding. Our team is able to effectively deal with stumps, leaving behind no trace of them on your property.
  • Lot clearing
    have a lot filled with trees and foliage that needs to be cleared for development? Our team has experience with lot clearing and can act swiftly to take down any trees on your land. We work fast, so your development can start on time.
  • Hazard tree removal
    After a storm or catastrophic damage to a tree, it might become unsafe. Falling branches, leaning into power lines and other problems necessitate quick action from trained professionals. Call us for hazard tree removal services, and we’ll protect you and your property by swiftly and carefully removing the tree in question.

Our 15+ years of experience has made Big Mountain Tree Services the arboreal services company people in Columbia Falls, MT and beyond trust. We know your trees and strive to deliver exactly what they need to flourish—or what’s needed to safely remove them from your property. Contact us today at 406-261-2042 to schedule service.