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Tree Services in Columbia Falls, MT

For more than 15 years, Big Mountain Tree Services has tended trees in Columbia Falls, MT and throughout Flathead County, MT. Our capabilities include tree trimming, pruning and thinning, as well as tree removal, stump grinding and lot clearing. We specialize in hazard removal after storms. Whatever it takes to maintain your trees and keep your property safe, we’re just a phone call away!

We Keep Your Trees Beautiful, Healthy and Strong

You work hard to keep your property looking presentable—cutting the grass, trimming the hedges, fertilizing and more. But what about your trees? Trees are a beautiful part of your landscape, and they need proper care just like anything else. It’s important to put your trees in the hands of a tree service you can trust. In Columbia Falls, Flathead County, Whitefish, Kalispell, and West Glacier, MT, that’s Big Mountain Tree Services.

Our well-respected team has become the local authority on tree service and care, no matter what your trees need to thrive. From routine trimming and pruning to thinning and crown shaping, we treat your trees like the unique features they are. Our approach to tree care is never routine—we take the time to assess your greenery and care for it properly. Our goal is to leave behind trees that look splendid, grow strong and stay beautiful for years and years to come.

We understand that not every tree is meant to last, however. If your property is home to a dead or decaying tree, we’re also available for removal. We also remove trees as part of lot clearing or when they become cumbersome to a property—such as growing too close to a structure or impeding power lines. We’re also a fast-acting hazard removal service, serving the emergency needs of Columbia Falls, MT. If a storm has left your tree in a dangerous position, call us to have it safely felled before it can cause harm or damage.

When it comes to tree care, no one does it better than the team at Big Mountain Tree Services. We love what we do and we take each job seriously. Let us show you why our reputation for tree services is one of the best in Columbia Falls, MT! Call us today and let us take care of your trees.

  • We take customer service very seriously, and we always strive to do right by you.
  • Our scope of tree services is broad, and we specialize in hazard tree removal.
  • Our business is locally-owned and community-focused, proudly serving Flathead County.
  • We’ve been caring for area trees for more than 15 years, and we know what they need.
  • We offer our customers free quotes, so you know what you’re paying upfront for service.

We’re Friends of Your Trees

We do whatever it takes to keep your trees healthy and strong! Contact us today for a free estimate on tree care. We’ll do right by your trees.

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Providing removal and trimming for the following areas:
  • Batavia, MT
  • Bigfork, MT
  • Columbia Falls, MT
  • Coram, MT
  • Evergeen, MT
  • Helena Flats, MT
  • Kalispell, MT
  • Marion, MT
  • Martin City, MT
  • Whitefish, MT